Summer Guitar Making Course 2018

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Our January 2018 Guitar Making Course was a rewarding two weeks.

The two students, Darrin and Steve built very different instruments, but both were really fun and challenging.

Darrin built a take on a Tele Cabronita electric guitar. Based on the Tele Thinline, the Cabronita features Filtertron pickups and a clean aesthetic thanks to the absence of a control panel or pickguard. Queensland Maple was used for the body and neck, Ebony for the fingerboard.

Guitar-Making-Course-2018 Binding-Guitar-at-Course Tele-Electric-Guitar-Built-at-Course Darrin-Playing-Electric-Guitar-he-Built-at-Course

Steve built a reproduction of a turn 1900s Parlour Guitar. The finished guitar had an amazing resonance, rivalling that of the original, no easy job with an acoustic guitar with 100+ years of age in its favour. The back, sides and neck are Queensland Maple and the top German Spruce.

Bending-Side-Guitar-Making-Course Parlour-Guitar-Bracing Parlour-Guitar-Built-at-Course Steve-Playing-Parlour-Guitar-he-Built-at-Course