Build a Guitar with us

Twice a year people come to our workshop to do something extraordinary, build their own guitar.

If you have a keen interest in guitars and want to learn how they’re built, the Hancock Guitar Making Course is a perfect way to build your first guitar under the guidance of two of Australia‚Äôs most experienced guitar makers.

  • Enjoy the experience of building your own instrument
  • There are no prerequisites, you don’t need any woodworking or musical experience
  • Build an instrument that is perfectly suited to your personality and playing style
  • Choose from several shapes and styles of acoustic and electric guitars
  • Customise your instrument to make it truly unique
  • Use beautiful exotic and Australian tonewoods
  • Experience working in a traditional guitar making workshop

Our Mission

The Hancock Guitar Making Course was established to help others get involved in the craft that we love so much, building guitars.

We started holding courses in 2008 after being approached by many people who had the desire to learn the craft, but had no way to get started. We understood the frustration, wanting to build a guitar but having no easy way to begin, since we had found ourselves in the same situation many years earlier. Not having a course available at that time the only way to learn was very slowly by trial and error.

Since we began our school of lutherie people from every imaginable background have attended. Many participants have been from the Gold Coast and Brisbane area, but we’ve also had a surprising number of students from all over Australia and as far away as Israel, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.