We are greatly appreciative of the artists using our guitars in their careers and bringing them to life with their playing.

It is one of the most rewarding parts of guitar making to see your instruments played and hear the music that a guitarist can make with them.

We have also been fortunate to have had a lot of guidance and feedback from those who play our instruments. This has helped us to evolve and improve as guitar makers.

Some past and present performing artists to use Hancock guitars include:

  • Richard Clapton
  • Jamie Clark (Queensland Conservatorium of Music)
  • Doug de Vries
  • Sean Flynn
  • Dr. Glen Hodges (University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music)
  • Jim Kelly (Crossfire)
  • Phil Manning (Chain)
  • Dr. Ken Murray (University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music)
  • Kevin Neill (The Bachelors)
  • Ryley Norris (Salvadarlings)
  • James Sherlock
  • Ashley Ward
  • Ryan Wyatt (Project Montreal)
  • Robert Yelin