Top: German Spruce Finish: French Polish
Back & Sides: Birdseye German Maple Tuners: Scheller Nickel Silver
Neck: Honduran Cedar Scale Length: 650mm
Fingerboard: African Ebony Neck Width: 52mm
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood Body Width: 360mm
Headplate: Brazilian Rosewood Body Depth: 97mm
Frets: Nickel Medium Price: AU$14,500


This guitar is built in the style of the great instruments of Antonio de Torres. Details such as the plantilla (shape), materials, bracing, plate tuning and marquetry have been reproduced to make an instrument that is true to the Torres spirit.

Regarded by many as the father of the modern guitar, Torres developed the guitar into what we recognise today as a classical guitar.

The Spanish luthier brought the best elements of earlier guitars together, such as the size, scale length and bracing, added his own improvements and built guitars that would go on to become the archetype for all classical guitars since. He single-handedly revolutionised guitars and they way they are played in his lifetime.

Torres guitars have their own style of aesthetics and sound which remains distinct compared to other classical guitars.


The back and sides are a very rare and beautiful variety of German Maple that was a favourite of Torres. The luminous timber has a strong ‘Birdseye’ figure, a natural pattern of small eyes that create unique patterns in the wood and change colour subtly depending on the light.

The top is German spruce, with a fine grain and silky luster. It complements the colour of the Maple back and sides.

Reclaimed Brazilian Rosewood from a 19th century dining chair was used in the bridge and headstock veneer.

The entire instrument is finished with traditional French Polish. This finish protects and beautifies the timbers, but is thin enough not to impede its resonance.

Such beautiful timbers help produce a sound that is as classic and Torres-like as the look of the guitar. It is a sound with all the volume you will ever need, but it’s just as enjoyable in the quieter and more subtle moments of playing. It’s fundamental and balanced with a nice range of musical overtones.

The centrepiece of the guitar is a one-off mosaic rosette, made with elements of Torres origin including a wheat-pattern central motif in subtle green and white hues. Ebony bindings with fine-lined purflings frame the top, back and sides. The headstock has a central wheat-pattern inlay to complement the rosette

Bespoke tuners from Scheller Germany are the perfect finishing touch. These tuners are a work of art and made with flawless attention to detail.

The buttons are made from Mammoth Ivory, a beautiful material that is extracted from the frozen tundras of Siberia which have preserved for millennia.

Tuning is effortless and precise with no slack or jumping, thanks for the precision of the engineering of the tuners and incorporation of bearings throughout, including ball-bearings at the end of the rollers.

The setup is optimised to be comfortable and play cleanly at high volume. The frets are levelled and crowned to perfection and the neck shape is refined and comfortable.

A small amount of relief is engineered into the bass side of the fretboard, to allow extra room for the strings to vibrate without hitting the frets. This feature allows for a lower action than is normally possible.

An ivory-coloured Hiscox LiteFlite deluxe hardshell case is included to help keep the guitar safe and protect it from changes in humidity.