Money Matters

The value of buying a quality guitar

Why is it that we almost never see a Hancock guitar for sale second hand? This was a question we were asked recently which got us thinking. The truth is, very few of our guitars are sold once they are purchased by an individual.

They are guitars to last a lifetime. Certainly the materials and workmanship are of a standard that will last a long time, but it is more than this, it is a quality which can’t be defined, it is a level of satisfaction from an instrument that can’t be superseded. It is a dream guitar you wouldn’t want to part with.

Well-crafted guitars are comparatively expensive, correlating with the quality materials and labour involved. However there is value in purchasing something that will give so many years of use and fulfilment. It can be a lot more expensive searching for the right guitar, only to be disappointed and trade it in on something else. This can be a long and expensive search; for many of our customers this search is over.