Classical Guitars

We have become well known for our classical guitars. From a sound perspective classical guitars are the most difficult type of guitars to build. The sensitivity of the strings and high demands of volume, resonance and tone needed for concerts mean that only a small fraction of all classical guitars built are truly concert instruments.

We have gone to great efforts to learn the art of building classical guitars. We’ve traveled to several countries around the world to examine classical guitars from the most famous and experienced masters. We have also traveled to Spain to learn the traditional Spanish method from master luthier Jose Romanillos.

Our classical instruments are based on the traditional designs of the masters Antonio de Torres (Spain), Hermann Hauser (Germany) and Miguel Rodriguez Jr. (Spain) although we have modified certain aesthetic and structural details over time. Each model has subtle strengths. For example, the Torres style guitars are loud and vibrant while Hauser style guitars tend to be balanced, sweet and clear. We also build 7-string Brazilian style classical guitars and modern versions with modified neck and fingerboard profiles.

We use only the finest timbers in our classical guitars chosen for their tonal qualities. For our soundboards we use European Spruce almost exclusively, though we occasionally use Western Red Cedar from Canada.

We utilise a variety of different timbers for the back and sides. European Maple is common as it has a beautiful light colour with distinct figuring and a warm tone. We frequently use Indian Rosewood and Brazilian Rosewood as well as Rosewoods from New Guinea, Madagascar and Honduras. The Rosewoods give a bright and clear sound. We have also used Queensland Maple and Blackwood from Australia.

Our classical guitars are finished in traditional rubbed French polish. This type of finish enhances the natural beauty of the timber and is extremely thin, making it a perfect finish to protect an instrument while not interfering with its sound.

The base price for our classical guitars is $9,500 with extras such as timbers and tuners effecting the final cost of each individual instrument.

Classical Guitars