Acoustic Guitars

Steel string acoustic guitars were the first type of guitars we built and have been a part of our range since.

We build a variety of different sizes and styles of steel string guitars from small body parlour guitars through to curvy orchestra models, large dreadnoughts and jumbo-sized instruments.

Steel string guitars can be built from a wide variety of tonewoods. The type of timber used in the top, back and sides of the guitar will not only affect the look of the finished instrument but also the sound. We have a wide variety of tone woods in stock from all around the world as well as Australian timbers such as Blackwood, Queensland Maple and Bunya Pine.

Aside from the materials, the size, shape and bracing all contribute to the sound of the finished guitar and we build each instrument to have the most pleasing tone possible. As a standard, we fit an under-saddle pickup with soundhole-mounted controls but if preferred other pickup types or no pickup can be fitted.

Prices of our steel string acoustic guitars start at $7,500 and depend on the size, style, timbers, trim and inlay.

Acoustic Guitars