Student Stories - Deena Lynch

Student Story – Deena Lynch

“I had always wanted to build my own guitar. I had played them long enough to appreciate the craftsmanship behind one and it was just about time I got my head around it. I was a little scared as I’d never done any form of woodworking or carpentry – let alone any handyman skills around the house haha. With the guidance of Sean and Dane, they broke down the intricate process of guitar building into a way that a complete novice was able to get in there and do it herself.

The best part about it was, you don’t come away from the course with a mediocre, entry level guitar. Sean and Dane were alongside me the whole 2 weeks to make sure that everything I was doing was up to their luthiery standards which resulted in me walking away with a beautiful Queensland blackwood cutaway acoustic guitar. The sound is so warm, bright and resonant I am always overcome by a sense of pride and amazement after I play it. Ever since ‘Dingo’ (my handmade guitar) has been created, all of my songs have been written using it and I can’t wait to make my own leather guitar strap to start being able to play it at my live shows.

You even come away with some take home skills that help with the care and maintenance of the guitar and any other guitar you may own too. Since the course, I’ve shaved down my own bridge on another guitar to set up its action and polished the body and neck of Dingo at home. And not that we sign up to a guitar building course to make friends, but when you spend every day for 2 weeks with the same group of people – you’re bound to come away with some solid ones. “

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