Student Stories - Dean Morrow

Student Story – Dean Morrow

After many years as a carpenter and the hard physical work that comes with building houses Dean was looking for a change. He attended our guitar making course to get started in a new career as a luthier.

Dean took to lutherie like a fish to water, building an Orchestra Model acoustic at the course. In the year since he has set up a workshop and gone on to build more acoustic guitars using a variety of Australian timbers.

Dean recently wrote us this email to let us know how he is going building guitars following his time at the course-

“Hey Sean, finished the Om on the weekend, it’s for a mate but not sure if he will actually get it yet. Have grown a bit attached to it. Anyway just thought I would shoot you a few picks as am pretty proud how it turned out. Also a huge thanks again for the course, without you and Dane no way I would have had the confidence or know how to get this done.

It is spalted black hearted sassafras back and sides, Sitka spruce top, Mahogany neck and Ebony fretboard/bridge.”

Student Stories - Dean Morrow An Orchestra Model acoustic guitar Dean built after completing the course and setting up his own workshop
Student Stories - Dean Morrow The guitar is custom made from beautiful timbers including a Tasmanian Black Hearted Sassafras back