Top: King William Pine Frets: Nickel Large
Back & Sides: Fiddleback Queensland Blackwood Tuners: Schaller Da Vinci Black
Neck: Fiddleback Queensland Blackwood Scale Length: 25-1/2” (648mm)
Fingerboard: Ringed Gidgee Neck Width: 1-3/4” (45mm)
Tailpiece: Ringed Gidgee Body Width: 17” (432mm)
Bridge: Wedge-Adjustable Ringed Gidgee Body Depth: 3-1/4” (82mm)
Headplate: Ringed Gidgee Price: AU$22,500
Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose

The 20th Anniversary is the embodiment of the finest qualities of Hancock archtop guitars.

This one of a kind instrument was crafted to celebrate two decades of Hancock Guitars. Our goal was to produce one guitar which exhibits the highest possible level of craftsmanship, materials and elegance of design. The finished instrument is possibly the finest we have ever built.

The selection of the timbers began several years before we began building the instrument. The unique woods became the focal point of the guitar and we tailored the rest of the design and ornamentation around bringing out their unique beauty.

All of the timbers used are native Australian species. The back, sides and neck are from the most highly figured Queensland Blackwood and have a colour and lustre much like the mineral Tiger’s Eye. The bindings are also made from Blackwood, they incorporate a purfling of a subtle green colour, which resembles the natural hue of the leaves of the Blackwood tree.

The aesthetic of the 20th Anniversary has a classic elegance reminiscent of an antique violin. The top is hand carved from a piece of bookmatched aged King William Pine from Tasmania, which has a warm golden-brown lustre. The most amazing property of this piece of timber is the fineness of the annual growth lines. The lines, each representing a year of growth are so fine they resemble the pages on the edge of a book.

Fittings & Inlay
Ringed Gidgee, an Acacia species from the deserts of Western Queensland, has been used for the fingerboard, headplate and fittings. This timber is not only beautiful but extremely hard, stable and durable, making it perfect for these parts. The inlays are minimal and elegant, the headstock features a 20th Anniversary motif and the fingerboard has an intricate inlay based on an Acacia seedpod.

The sound of the 20th Anniversary is equal to its looks. It is rich and complex, warm and sweet at the same time with plenty of volume and range. It is a purely acoustic instrument and no pickup has been fitted to maintain a simple aesthetic. A pickup could be fitted if required.

The 20th Anniversary is not only a unique and beautiful instrument, it is also a piece of the history of Hancock Guitars.