We built out first ukuleles in the late 90s, a time when these little instruments were considered nothing more than a party trick by a lot of musicians. In the time since, it has been great to see them grow in popularity and become a part of mainstream music.

Our ukuleles are built in the same way as we build our guitars, using high-grade tone woods and traditional guitar making techniques. We also incorporate other guitar features to improve the playability including a wider, fuller neck, a radiused fingerboard and high-quality tuners. This results in a proper musical instrument with a beautiful tone and great playability.

The timbers we use are picked for their sound and beauty. For our ukuleles, we frequently use Hawaiian Koa wood. Koa is the traditional timber used for ukuleles and is known for its beautiful figure and resonant tone. Australian Blackwood is another favourite timber. Like Koa, Blackwood is a species of Acacia. It has similar properties to to its Hawaiian cousin, exhibiting beautiful fiddleback figuring and bright lively tone.

Prices of our ukuleles begin at $2,000. The price of each individual instrument is determined by the style, materials used, trim, inlays and finish.