Lap Slide Guitars

Our lap slide model is closely based on the iconic Weissenborn guitars of the 1920s and 1930s. This model is a pure lap slide guitar built exclusively for playing with a metal slide. The unique hollow neck design and elongated body sets our lap slide model apart from other acoustic guitars. This shape gives the guitars their unique sound. The longer, voluminous body adds more interesting overtones and natural reverb than a standard acoustic guitar.

The hollow neck design is also more inviting for playing due to the flat back sitting comfortably on the player’s lap. The fretless fingerboard and extended nut and bridge are specially designed with slide playing in mind.

For amplification we fit a Seymour Duncan Mag Mic pickup which is a combination of a magnetic soundhole pickup and an internal microphone. The pickup is known best for their reproduction of the acoustic sound from the Lap Slide.

The top, back and sides of the Lap Steel are made from the same type of timber, something which is uncommon in standard acoustic guitars. At Hancock, we commonly use the Hawaiian Koa as the traditional timber for guitars of this style. We also frequently use Australian Blackwood, a local timber known for its beauty and similar properties to Koa.

Our lap slide guitars are priced from $5,500. The price is determined by the materials used, trim, inlay and finish.

Lap Slide Guitars